Tritherm Spacer System

The most technically advanced spacer system available in the UK

The exclusive APL Tritherm Spacer System is the most technically advanced spacer system available in the UK. As well as being adjustable and providing unequalled thermal properties it is also immensely strong - a combination that maintains structural integrity even with insulation thickness in excess of 300mm.

The outstanding structural capacity of the system helps to minimise thermal bridging, permit easy air sealing and at the same time save money compared to 'traditional' detailing.

Key Benefits

  • The most thermally efficient system available in the UK.
  • U values as low as 0.09W/m2.k possible with standard components.
  • Stronger and more stable than any other option.
  • Allows easy detailing of Energy Efficient Slim Cantilever perimeter overhangs.
  • The 'backbone' on the APL EcoClad™ Energi Systems.

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