APL Cladshield™

25-year fully installed system warranty

  • APL cladshield
  • APL cladshield
  • APL cladshield
  • APL cladshield

Some day, all roofing and cladding manufacturers may provide a service like this.
At APL we’ve always done it.

Cladshield™ is a partnership between APL and the Cladding Installer in which APL take full responsibility for the materials, detailing and assembly and the Installer takes responsibility for labour and quality of installation.

On-site inspections and quality plans are completed and ‘signed off’ at every stage with written reports and photographic records at all critical stages.

The rigorous inspections are carried out by an independent, PI-backed, specialist, MCRMA registered inspector, the number of site visits being dependent on the size and complexity of the project.

When the Cladshield™ 25-year fully installed system warranty is issued, it is a serious document of real substance and real value. The cost may be minimal but the savings in buildings insurance and PI insurances using non-combustible constructions can be very substantial.

100% Traceability - Responsibility - Accountability

Click here for more details about the Cladshield™ warranty.

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