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StrongBak™ is an innovative and exciting structural wall framing system which can be installed either to the face of, or between columns. As the main structural wall elements are 'offsite manufacture' design, procurement and installation of the waterproof structural wall is extremely quick. Excellent structural, thermal, acoustic and fire performance is provided by the system, which is suitable for all building types and compatible with all cladding materials. The StrongBak™ system is extremely cost effective, being normally between 30%-40% more economic than a standard stick form SFS type assembled framing system, as well as being much quicker to install.

Key Benefits

StrongBak™ can span up to 9m clear span.
30-40% more economical than other SFS systems.
At least twice as quick to install as 'stick' systems.
Integrated structural trimming system for easy construction of openings.
Complete 'through wall design'™ and construction responsibility.
Very low U Values and air tightness are standard.
Permanent edge protection built in.
Subject to loadings/exposure, the system can carry external facings/assemblies from metal panels to stone cladding now to read Subject to loadings/exposure, the system can carry external facings/assemblies including metal panels, terracotta tiles, render and stone cladding types.


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