Architectural Profiles StrongBak™ System Features

“The obscure we see eventually. The completely obvious, it seems, takes longer.”
(Edward R Murrow 1908-1965)

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Structural Performance:
•Capable of spanning up to 9.00 metres.
•Integrated secondary steelwork for window openings using StrongBak™ IFS sections installed by cladding contractor.
•Project specific design accommodates all the structural requirements of the chosen external façade systems.

Air Leakage Performance:
•“Standard” system achieves 3 m3/h/m2 or less as tested.
•Very easy to detail and seal.

Environmental Performance:
•A+ BRE Green Guide ratings are achieved, depending upon external claddings and internal finishes.
•APL has an Environmental Management System (EMS) as supported by ISO 14001.
•Standard insulation is A+ rated.
•Currently used on BREEAM “Excellent” projects, and proposed on BREEAM “Outstanding” projects.
•Extremely low U values and Air Leakage performance comes as standard.
•Recent project shortlisted for Green Building Awards

Thermal Performance:
•Very low U values of 0.14 W.m2.k or less are easy to achieve with standard
components – at minimal cost.
•‘Robust’ thermal breaks leaves `stick’ SFS systems in the cold!

Fire Performance:
•4 hours resistance from “standard” system.
•Totally non-combustible components Acoustic Performance:
•“Standard” system has excellent properties
•Simple and economical to achieve project specific performance - including the requirements of BB93 for schools & academies.

“It’s a StrongBak system spanning directly between the main structural steels which has allowed us to sheen over the building as fast as possible in terms of accelerating wind and water tightness. It gives us a different internal aesthetic and there are cost savings. It has become an efficient, cost effective, sensible build solution.”

Phil Gray, RMJM Architects, Jewel & Esk Colleges.