Architectural Profiles StrongBak™ System Benefits

Speed of installation:
•A typical 3 man squad can install around 1000m2 per week.
•Building is weatherproof immediately, allowing internal work to start much sooner than with a traditional `stick’ SFS system.
•Brings forward internal `fit out’ by weeks, sometimes months.
•Provides huge on-site Programme and Prelims savings

Ease of installation:
•Straightforward ‘cladding’ fixing and sealing operation.
•Installation of first components creates a weatherproof envelope.
•Forms complete and integrated ‘through-wall’ construction including window openings.

Ease of design:
•Full design service by APL for structural, thermal, and acoustic requirements with full P.I. back-up.
•Full ‘through-wall’ design, integration, and responsibility •avoids the need for secondary steel for window openings.
•Very simple ‘take-off’ and procurement.
•Usually fixed to outside of the building frame to maximise usable floor area – can also be fixed between columns.
•Internal face can have a pre-painted finish.
•Can support separate internal plasterboard linings

Cost of installation:
•Approx. 30-40% more economical than ‘stick’ built SFS.
•Recent independent PQS audit confirmed a saving of £128,000 over 3200m2 compared to a `stick’ type SFS system.
•Provides permanent edge protection at no extra cost.
•Significantly reduces programme time and site costs.
•Avoids secondary steel for in plane window openings

Compatible with a variety of external cladding finishes:
•Metal cladding
•Metal rainscreen
•Ceramic/stone rainscreen

Typical internal view – under construction