Sustainable Housing

Zero-Carbon Homes - Architectural Profiles Limited bring built-in benefits

The first UK house to achieve the code for Sustainable Homes Level 6, the standard to which all homes should be designed by 2016, was recently unveiled at the Building Research Establishment.

The Sheppard Robson designed house is on three floors and features a 40º pitch roof with extensive solar panelling which also forms a vertical side–drop to almost ground floor level. The extraordinarily high performance of the roof is achieved through highly insulated prefabricated timber ‘casettes’ with Architectural Profiles’ AP 31/1000 HPS coated steel roof profile installed on top to provide structural strength and to support the external rainscreen. Timber external cladding is then hung from the roof profile to provide a natural appearance and additional thermal benefits.

Architectural Profiles Limited provides a range of roofing, wall cladding and structural wall framing systems which enable Architects and Developers to achieve high thermal efficiency in their buildings quickly, cleanly and often at costs substantially below those of conventional systems. EcoClad ™ and StrongBak ™ are just two of the systems offered as part of the APL portfolio of value engineered and sustainable roofing and cladding options.

Illustration: Cross section diagram of structure showing APL 31/1000 profile roof lining.

Image supplied courtesy of Hufton & Crow.