StrongBak™ SFS

StrongBak™ SFS - the 'Second Generation' Structural Framing System from Architectural Profiles Ltd

The StrongBak™ Structural Wall Framing System from APL offers several fundamental differences to conventional framing systems; in speed of installation, versatility of external finish applications and materials, and maximisation of internal space for occupancy and investment return - it is both incredibly strong and magnificently economic.

StrongBak™ is a series of structural panels inset between, or to the faces of, the verticals and horizontals of the building frame. The main structural wall elements are ‘offsite manufacture’ with erection of the weatherproof structural wall being amazingly quick. Normally a three man gang will fix 1000m2 per week of air sealed, weatherproof wall.

Applications for this system include almost any commercial, hospital and semi or high rise type of building i.e. where there is a requirement to optimise internal space at maximum value engineered costs - The StrongBak™ system will normally deliver up to 30 - 40% savings over standard light gauge framing systems. Maximisation of interior space can be gained through additional floor area which will add considerably to the value of the building.

The versatility of the system allows for virtually any exterior facing to be hung from it - including, brickwork, render, timber or profile metal cladding or terracotta/metal tile rainscreen systems, including the different deflection criteria required.

StrongBak™ is part of the product system portfolio of Architectural Profiles Limited. This includes a range of cost efficient ‘Cantilever Systems’ for elegant verge overhangs and parapet upstands, longspan decking and zip seam standing seam roofing systems, together with a very comprehensive range of profile and rain screen systems.

Architectural Profiles' StrongBak Structural Wall Framing System being installed.