Brick Cladding Over StrongBak™

The versatility of StrongBak™ SFS - whatever facing you like

Look at this picture, it shows conventional brickwork supported off the ‘StrongBak™ SFS System, one of the most modern and versatile building envelope installation systems in construction today.

StrongBak™ is designed and fabricated by Architectural Profiles Limited. It is essentially a structural wall framing system which is used in all manner of construction projects where speed of installation is an issue and where the eventual energy efficiency of the building is critical.

The speed of first fix weatherproofing can provide enormous savings to prelims by allowing first fix following trades in often months earlier than usual. Thereafter ‘StrongBak™ becomes the basis for enabling the building to take on any finish an Architect can dream up.

Obviously StrongBak™ will partner any of APL’s metal profile cladding systems or rainscreen panel systems, but then also it will support, brickwork, terracotta, render, granite… you name it, and APL will advise you how to do it.

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APL StrongBak SFS™ supporting brickwork