APL StrongBak™ - Working In Industry

Large industrial projects, where speed of construction is critical, ultra-efficient building energy performance is essential and the cost of construction is non-negotiable - this is where the APL StrongBak™ structural wall framing system really comes into its own, providing a versatile and robust framework which can accommodate the widest variety of external cladding options and with a life expectancy to exceed the primary life of the building.

Pictured is the huge boiler house for the Biomass Power Station at Blackburn Meadows, Sheffield, recently completed by Hertel Technical Services. The black external cladding is being installed over the APL Tritherm™ spacer system which in turn is fixed to the APL StrongBak™ structural wall framing system.

This combination of products and systems forms an APL Slimwall™ construction. APL is confident that no other proprietary system can achieve weather cover and air seal faster that their Slimwall™ system. It has been assessed in an independent report by Building Sciences to save up to 45% on carbon emissions and 28% on annual energy consumption.

Architectural Profiles Limited has been established for 32 years and their design team works with architects and specifiers from all walks of industry to assure that the most demanding designs and performance criteria will always be delivered - cost efficiently.