Architectural Profiles Limited Perfo 65™

Shed a little light where light is required

Exterior stairwells, car parks, plant rooms.... anywhere that needs architectural integrity with obscured visibility from outside yet still benefit from natural light, APL Perfo 65™ could be the answer.

APL Perfo 65™, from Architectural Profiles Limited, is their AP 65 ZS (Zip Seam) roofing profile, laid horizontally and perforated for both light ingress and ventilation and finished in a colour to the specification of the architect or designer.

Pictured is one of the exterior stair pods at the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing and Research Centre (NAMRC) in Sheffield where natural light was considered a definite requirement for the building users and for emergency applications. Many APL cladding products were used on this very unique building, the AP Perfo 65™ here has a Stucco embossed metallic silver finish and was specified by architects Bond Bryan.

Architectural Profiles Limited design and manufacture a wide range of unique construction and installation systems together with their widely known and very popular range of metal cladding profiles.