Clever Cornering

By Architectural Profiles Limited

Just one more example of the creative use of exterior cladding used on the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing and Research Centre (NAMRC) in Sheffield. This time it is the corner detail surrounding the high level balcony across the front of the main building which was also replicated in various other locations on the project. Initially Architects were very doubtful that this feature could be fabricated to the very high levels of precision demanded as an inclined and radiused Rainscreen cas sette panel with return flanges on all edges.

Architectural Profiles Limited, who had already provided so many of the envelope cladding products and systems on this project, produced the detail using an Alucobond™ ACM aluminium composite material which, together with Architectural Profiles Limited, is bringing a whole new range of design options for building envelopes into today's Construction and Architectural arena.

Architectural Profiles Limited are widely known for their range of metal envelope cladding products and their unique series of construction systems such as StrongBak™ Structural Wall Framing system, APL Slimwall™, APL Tritherm™ installation system and bespoke cantilever systems for slim overhangs, parapets and verges.

Architectural Profiles Limited design and manufacture a wide range if unique construction and installation systems together with their widely known and very popular range of metal cladding profiles.