Jewel & Esk College

APL StrongBak™ helps bring college project in on budget

The prestige Jewel & Esk College twin campus development in Edinburgh was faced with a serious funding problem with an identified shortfall of £14 million over the original £36 million initially agreed with the Scottish Funding Council.

One of the cost saving devices used to deliver the project on budget was to use the StrongBak™ SFS-Structural Wall Framing System developed and manufactured by UK based Architectural Profiles Limited.

Architects RMJM said of the project: “ Duality, in terms of metal cladding and a render system has been driven through both campuses, but what is more interesting is the substrate. It is a StrongBak™ system spanning directly between the main structural steels which has allowed us to sheen over the buildings as fast as possible in terms of accelerating wind and water tightness. But we’re also exposing the substrate internally which is normally a concealed system. So the liner sheeting is the internal finish.”

The StrongBak™ system, say APL, is designed to give maximum flexibility to the building designer, offering the widest range of both external and internal finishes whilst also providing one of the fastest routes to complete building enclosure and air seal. This enables following trades to get in months earlier than otherwise possible, with all the obvious cost savings that will flow from that. In the case of the Jewel & Esk project this was calculated to be ten weeks quicker.

Together with their portfolio of metal cladding and roofing systems, Architectural Profiles Limited also design and manufacture a range of energy and cost saving systems including their ‘APL Energi Systems™’ which have been independently assessed to deliver 28% annual energy £ savings.

The APL Energi Wall™ was clad with metal coated APL 45HR half round sinusoidal profile together with AP70 LCP louvre profile in dark metallic silver finish.

APL StrongBak™ on the Jewel & Esk project in Edinburgh prior to cladding in metal profile and render.