APL – Energi Envelopes™ provide bespoke 'Thro-Wall' Ceiling system for Foyle Arena .

An integrated 5000m2 roof assembly on the new Foyle Arena has not only achieved the most elegant external roof lines but also the most efficient and good looking acoustic ceiling underside. This system has been used with particular effect over the sports halls and swimming pool areas of the facility where clearly effective acoustic performance is essential.

The main structural support is APL StrongBak™ in pre-coated steel to the general areas and aluminium over the swimming pool. This is thermally and acoustically insulated and includes a vapour control layer and an APL Tritherm™ sub-frame system which carries the AP65ZS Standing Seam roof profile. The underside of the perforated StrongBak itself is the finished ceiling which eliminates the requirement, and the cost, of further suspended ceiling installation and treatments.