APL Envelopes

Exceptional Roof and Wall cladding systems - which ever way you look at them.

Whatever the criteria may be for envelope specification, be it:- budget, installation time, energy saving, longevity or aesthetics, Architectural Profiles Limited is confident their family of APL Envelopes will meet and/or exceed all expectations.

Architectural Profiles Limited design and manufacture a comprehensive portfolio of metal cladding products and unique construction systems which collectively comprise the APL Envelope family. APL is the home of the ever popular 'half round' profiles along with many other profile and rainscreen systems. Some of their unique construction systems include:- Slimwall rainscreens, Energi Walls and Roofs, StongBak structural wall framing and APL Cantilever systems for overhangs, verges and parapets.

APL Envelopes meet the wisest design brief and complement almost all other construction and facia materials such as brick, wood , glass, terracotta, specialist metals like copper and lead etc… the list goes on.

The APL Technical and Design team has been established for 32 years working with Architects and Designers to enable the even the most ambitious project design to be fully realised and delivered.