Energy Savings Report

Independant Energy Savings Report commissioned by Architectural Profiles Limited

An Independent report by Building Sciences Consultancy has been commissioned by Architectural Profiles Limited. Entitled ‘Evaluation and Audit of Energy Savings for Non-Domestic Buildings using improved metal cladding systems’, the report is in response to the introduction of EPCs (Energy Performance Certificates) due to be followed up by DECs (Display Energy Certificates) expected later this year.

The report is based on a building footprint of 25,000 square feet and covers in detail the ‘comparative costs’ of various system types with different performance levels to establish the best value for money. The report includes the optimum performance level of 0.14 for roofs and 0.20 for walls, with various options illustrated to 0.25 and 0.35 and contains worked up iSEBM calculations and detailed cost models.

An abbreviated version of this report is available as an ‘Executive Summary’ to any interested parties with an introduction to the report please click on this link

An extract from the introductory commentary states: “This report demonstrates the relative energy savings achievable on a typical illustrated building when calculated using the Government’s National Calculation Methodology against a similar notional building built to the 2002 standards of insulation and performance, base reference to which is a legal requirement of current Building Regulations”

Architectural Profiles Limited designs and manufactures a range of roof and wall cladding systems including high performance EcoClad TM assemblies which can deliver 45% savings on carbon emissions, 28% annual energy £ cost savings and a 3.6 year payback period – all of which can make a significant contribution to “renewables” requirements’ by reducing the actual kwh energy usage.

Picture: The Energy Savings Report from Architectural Profiles Ltd.