Edge Hill University

APL - Saving Energy whilst Edge Hill generates it

The objectives are clear. For Architectural Profiles Limited (APL) the objective of their Energi™ Systems for roofs and walls is to provide maximum energy efficiency at the most competitive cost, whilst a major objective of Edge Hill University is to use it's building to generate maximum solar energy in order to minimise it's energy costs.

Designed by NJSR Architects, Edge Hill boasts solar panels across both it's roofs and it's walls supported on a framework mounted onto the APL envelope. The roof is constructed using APL's AP65ZS standing seam roof profile over a structural deck separated by an APL Tritherm spacer system designed to carry the weight of the PV system and allowing the appropriate thickness of insulation for the specified thermal efficiency.

Similarly the walls use the APL StrongBak™ structural framing system with external APL louvre cladding which together make up the APL Energi™ Wall System. An independent research project conducted by BSI concludes that a building integrating both APL Energi™ Roof and Walls should expect a £s payback in energy saving in less than 3.6 years with a 45% reduction in conventional carbon emissions.

APL Energi™ Systems are part of a comprehensive portfolio of products and systems which address the complete building envelope be that for a new build, refurbishment or retrofit projects.

Installation of Solar Panels in progress over APL profiles on a StrongBak™ SFS framing system.