Exterior Cladding for Culham Science Centre.
The Matching Set: APL Louvres, Profiles and Rainscreen in harmony at the Culham Science Centre

The brand new RACE (Remote Applications in Challenging Environments) building at UKAEA’s Culham Science Centre is a triumph of design in greys and silvers utilising the highest energy performance building envelope construction systems and facing products.

Architects Bond Bryan called upon products and systems manufactured and provided by Architectural Profiles Limited of Reading to fulfil the design and performance demands of the project. The large administration building was specified to be an APL Slimwall™ SFP Rainscreen system with accurately colour-matched differing grey panels and a special POR6 silver. The spacious rear production building was clad in an AP45 sinusoidal profile with corresponding AP45 live louvres in an elevated ventilation line inconspicuously blending in with the profile.

The building specified high energy performance criteria and a stable internal thermal and air quality environment. The APL Slimwall™ System provided this for both the Rainscreened front and the profile clad rear of the building.