CALA Homes Development

Award winning housing scheme uses rainscreen cladding system.

Architectural Profiles Limited (APL) is best known for its Exterior Profile Cladding and Rainscreen Systems for the larger Industrial and Commercial type of building.

PCKO Architects had the vision to integrate approximately 2000m2 of APL Rainscreen cladding system into the design of a large new residential complex - which subsequently won the 'Best House - What House Awards 2005'.

The DOMUS development by CALA Homes in Newhall, Essex, has a strong green space priority with over 40% of the overall neighbourhood being committed to open space. In the words of CALA Homes the development has vivid colours, unusual materials, sleek contemporary architecture and an exciting, fresh look.

The APL Rainscreen cladding system specified was coated in a range of special colours, including various blues and turquoise, complete with special closures to integrate with the brick and cladding systems to provide the most cost efficient solution.

Another current residential development for Barratt Homes has also specified APL panels, fascias and soffits systems. This indicates a real trend for residential development to experiment with the less conventional house building materials and to realise some of the design benefits and installation efficiencies more usually associated with the 'design & build' style of commercial development.

CALA Homes development featuring APL Rainscreen Cladding System