Balloo Retail Park, Bangor - Northern Ireland

APL - Rollin' on into the night

The Building: The Balloo Retail Park, Bangor, Northern Ireland.

The Project: To install a new metal standing seam roof as extension to existing building.

The Detail: The profile roof sections were 67 metres/221 ft long with 500 cover width to match existing roof.

The Requirement: As no 60m long slinging beam was available locally to hoist long sections up onto the roof the decision was made to use eaves rolling with the APL mobile rollforming container suspended by crane at eaves level.

The Story: They say " can only happen in Ireland". The roof on this phase of the project was on deadline to be finished on Friday with the site rolling machine (due on site Monday but delayed by extremely bad weather on the Irish Sea crossing) arriving on the Tuesday. Then the weather locally closed in and the deadline became Thursday - tight but manageable. Then the weather closed in even further and the deadline became Wednesday!.....All hands to the pumps!.....But to meet this new deadline the APL rolling team had to continue rolling into the night, assisted primarily by the lights on the crane and borrowed light from the streets and buildings.

The Summary: A tricky but successful project. A happy client - and tremendous feeling of achievement for APL and all the installation team. Lynco Facades will be starting the installation of the second phase in the near future.

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Myles Lindsay is the Ireland representative for Architectural Profiles Limited and can be contacted at

The APL on-site rolling unit being hoisted into position at Balloo