Access Storage Refurbishment

No place for Steptoe Architectural Profiles brings life to the dead!

The new Access Storage building in Basingstoke looks to all the world like a state of the art new development. It is however a comprehensive refurbishment of a deadly dull and neglected pre-cast and glazed 60's office block. After an initial survey, the Access Storage construction team, with MAA as concept architects, concluded that refurbishment could provide the accommodation they required at a fraction of the cost of demolition and new build.

The cladding of the building, which was carried out as a complete envelope package by Westfield Roofing Limited, was an essential element in the economics of the project. A complete new lift shaft was constructed, with insulated panels from Architectural Profiles Limited, linked directly into the structure of the old building to provide an 'integrated' appearance.

As a planning requirement the upstands of the building needed to be raised to form parapets 2.3m above their existing level. This presented a major problem as the existing nominal 500mm pre-cast upstands possessed no structural strength. Architectural Profiles provided the answer with their engineered 'Parapet Cantilever System' which incorporates a lightweight galvanised steel structural track formed into a compound section which could cantilever over and past the existing weak upstands.

The versatility of the structural track and fixing system was proved time and time again, particularly when it was used to span over existing 3m high windows which needed to be overclad to provide a feature projection all the way around the building being capable of supporting the cladding and the client's signage. Once the structural issues were overcome the project became a simple exercise using a designed combination of Architectural Profiles' Half Round profiles and composite panels.

The transformation of the building is nothing short of dramatic. The raised perimeter of the building is now higher and displaying proud signage with a striking colour scheme which is very pleasing to the eye. The AP50HR profile cladding offset against the flat paneling makes the building quite unique in its immediate location. The transformation is now complete, achieved at minimum cost, and proving that progress does not have to be at the expense of the past.

The Access Storage building after the Architectural Profiles transformation.

The Access Storage building before the Architectural Profiles transformation.